Rhonda Evans – Women Who Lead

Rhonda Evans

Lee Aerospace is proud to announce that Rhonda Evans, Director of Supply Chain, was recently recognized as one of Wichita’s top businesswomen by the Wichita Business Journal. Evans was featured in the Women Who Lead section of the newspaper’s October 30th edition.

Evans, who has been with Lee Aerospace for 18 years, describes her leadership style as collaborative.

“I understand and know how to perform my team member’s job functions, which has allowed to me train, teach, and develop their job functions to the fullest,” Evans said. “Anyone can sit in a leadership role but being able to influence by example within the role is a true leader. Listening to your team will give them the confidence in the decisions being made. They will be more productive knowing they are not working alone but as part of a unified team.”

Throughout her career, Evans was influenced by the strong women leaders she has worked with.

“I have watched how these women have handled themselves by reflecting self confidence in their field,” Evans said. “This influence has helped me build the confidence needed within my career.”

As one of those leaders now, Evans mentors young women around her by always being available. She believes that learning the tricks of the trade should not be a secret.

“The more we know, the more we make a difference in the outcome of whatever task we are trying to achieve,” Evans said.

Some say leaders are not born, they are made. For Evans, she came to Lee Aerospace with experience in in aviation and had heard of the great culture at Lee Aerospace and knew that is where she wanted to be, so when an opening became available, she applied.

“When I moved to Wichita, the air capital of the world, I knew I wanted to be part of the aerospace industry,” Evans said. At Lee, it is my coworkers that make me love my job.

“Working at Lee Aerospace is truly rewarding,” Evans said. “I am working with individuals who want to make a difference.”