CoolView Aircraft Windows Reduce Cabin Heat, Block Harmful Rays

WICHITA, KANSAS — Lee Aerospace announces its new CoolView aircraft windows which reduce infrared rays up to 82.4% and eliminates up to 99% of harmful UV rays, resulting in a much cooler cabin. The windows are engineered with an advanced thin metallic composite barrier system within the construction of the windows, creating a lifetime barrier that will not wear out.

CoolView aircraft windowsThis new type of aircraft window produces a much cooler cabin temperature, reducing pilot fatigue, and preserving the aircraft’s interior. Along with a reduction in cabin temperature, CoolView windows provide a safer environment for health conscience pilots and passengers. CoolView aircraft windows are FAA / PMA approved and are available for immediate installation on all Beechcraft King Airs and Hawker 125 Series. CoolView windows will be available soon for additional makes and models of private aircraft.

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“Meeting the demands of our customers is a key value of Lee Aerospace. The new CoolView windows will keep cabins cooler, while protecting pilots and interiors from harmful IR rays. We’re proud to offer aircraft windows that significantly reduce heat while meeting the standards of air safety.” says Lee Aerospace president, Jim Lee.

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