Beechcraft King Air CoolView Replacement Windows

CoolView aircraft windows

Beechcraft King Air CoolView replacement windows are designed with an advanced thin metallic composite barrier system specifically developed for acrylic transparencies. Engineered for added comfort with cooler cabin temperatures, appearance and the protection of your aircraft interior. These advanced windows keep your cabin cooler by blocking out harmful infrared rays.

Beechcraft King Air CoolView Replacement Windows

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Available Beechcraft King Air CoolView Replacement Windows

70% CoolView Cabin Windows

  • Cabin – LA101-430183-5-70
  • LH Aft (Teardrop) – LA101-440042-3-70
  • RH Aft (Teardrop) – LA101-440042-4-70
  • Seal – LA101-384139-007

CoolView Cockpit Windows

  • LA101-420081-13-70
  • LA101-420081-14-70
  • LA101-420081-10-70 (Anti-fog)
  • LA101-420081-9-70 (Anti-fog)

CoolView Storm Windows

  • LA101-420081-59-70
  • LA101-420081-60-70

CoolView Independent Testing Confirms

  • Cooler Cabin Temperatures
  • Reduces IR (62% or more)
  • Reduces Glare
  • Reduces Pilot Fatigue
  • Preserves Aircraft Interior

Infrared Reduction

-70 CoolView: 62.8%

*NIAR Vis/IR Transmittance Testing Report
No. ACL-RP-2017-004N/C dated 28 April 2017

FAA Approved
Available for Immediate Delivery
High Quality, Cost Effective

Customer Testimonial

Good morning! I just wanted to let you know that we have finished our King Air project and it came out fantastic! I must tell you that your windows are nothing short of amazing! Their ability to knock down the heat is simply extraordinary. We have flown a couple of trips now, and even in the hot Oklahoma sun, the airplane is down to a comfortable temperature by the time we reach the end of the runway. On our first trip, I had to turn up the temperature from our normal setting because the passenger were cold and were pulling out the blankets by the time we reached cruising altitude. We also installed new polarizers at the same time and, when combined with your windows, it is possible to almost black out the cabin in the middle of the day! Needless to say, we are thrilled with them…

Bryson Pogson — Owner / Director of Business Development — Turbine Aircraft Services

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CoolView aircraft windows