New Hawker 125 Series Window Benefits

Upgrade Now to the New Generation Hawker Cabin Windows

The ONLY aftermarket Hawker 125 Series window approved by Beechcraft and used on the latest production aircraft.

Hawker 125 Series Cabin Window Part Numbers:

  • LA25FC7881-57     Standard Wet Seal Design   (Clear Frost Panel)
  • LA25FC7881-63     Optional New Dry Seal Design   (Clear Frost Panel)

Approved for all models from the 125-1A to the 1000

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  • The only aftermarket Hawker window approved and sold by Beechcraft
  • Extended Inspection requirements and the elimination of some inspections altogether.  This change will also apply to New Generation windows previously installed.
  • Advanced design provides a 10% reduction in noise transmittance, which means a quieter cabin.
  • Allows for complete removal of the existing window desiccant air system.
  • Greatly reduced cost.  You should never need to remove for cleaning or maintenance as you have in the past.
  • Thicker window for an extended life.
  • Newest “Dry Mount” installation method or standard “WET Mount” windows are available.
  • Added tint options with Natural UV Barrier.
  • Visually appealing; no more looking through discolored foggy windows
  • Can be custom laser etched with Name, Company Logo, etc.
  • If you currently have these windows installed – give us a call for the latest revision to the Continued Airworthiness Inspection requirement.

Hawker 125 Series Cabin WindowPart Information for the HAWKER 125

Part Information for ALL Series Hawker -1A to 1000

OEM Original Part Number:  25FC53A, 25FC53AB, 25FC7881-1A, 25FC7881-39A, 25FC7881-41A, 25FC7881-53, 25FC7889A

Lee Aerospace Part Number:  LA25FC7881-57 and LA25FC7881-63

Supplemental Type Certification (FAA):  STC ST01228WI

For more information, SEE OUR BROCHURE:  Hawker 125

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