Continued Training – IA Renewal Program

Lee Aerospace in partnership with AMT Society to provide Continued Training for the IA Renewal Program

Lee Aerospace is committed to continued training for aircraft maintenance professionals.  Because of this belief, we are proud to participate in the AMTSociety’s  IA Renewal Program.

On Friday, December 5th, 2014, Lee Aerospace will be presenting Window Inspection and Maintenance alongside industry leaders like, Cirrus Aircraft, Bell Helicopter and Global Parts.

The Inspection Authorization (IA) Renewal will cover topics such as:

  • Maintenance Practices for Mechanical Systems
  • Deice Boot Maintenance
  • Compression Ignition Engines
  • And… Many more

Lee Aerospace’s program will focus on:

  • Identifying various types of damage that can occur on aircraft transparencies
  • how to spot damage
  • and the proper maintenance.

The December 5th class will be held at the

Tulsa Tech Riverside Campus  ⋅  801 E 91st Street – Auditorium A150  ⋅  Tulsa, OK  74132

Registration begins at 7:00 am with sessions beginning at 8:00 am.AMTS Logo_2013

AMTSociety was formed in 2005 to provide a community for those in the aircraft maintenance industry.  Continual learning is a main component to aviation safety and AMTSociety strives to provide its members with benefits to aid in their personal and professional growth.  Through educational seminars known as the Roadshow Consortium featuring live training seminars, AMTSociety provides ongoing learning opportunities which are accepted by the FAA for IA renewal training.  For more information on the classes or AMTSociety follow the link.