Aftermarket Gulfstream Cabin Windows

Lee Aerospace has extended Product Line to include Aftermarket Gulfstream Cabin Windows

Gulfstream Cabin Windows are In-Stock and Available for the following models:  GII, GIII, GIV, GV, G300, G350, G400, G450, and G550

NEW Product AnnouncementGulfstream Cabin Windows

Lee Aerospace’s NEW Product Announcement of the Gulfstream Cabin Windows comes with much anticipation from our Aftermarket Sales team; expanding the product line, helping more of our customers and providing world class customer service.  Our Aftermarket Sales team is dedicated to providing the products you need to keep you in the air.

The Gulfstream cabin windows for the GII, GIII, GIV, G350 and G400 (P/N:  LA1159CE20034-ALL) consist of four window panes separated by three desiccant air spaces and are vented together.  The window panes are all placed together within  an intricate assembly and encapsulated by two aluminum metal fames that are sealed for a water tight assembly.

The Gulfstream cabin windows for the GV, G350, G450 and G550 (P/N:  LA1159CE50001-ALL) consist of a glass tempered “heated” inner pane and laminated acrylic outer pane assembly.  These two windows are mounted into an aluminum frame and sealed for a water tight assembly.

Lee Aerospace repair program will separate the assembly and inspect the window panes, repair and/or replace the outer laminated pane assembly with a new  Lee Aerospace FAA PMA approved replacement.  The windows may be removed by following the current OEM Aircraft Maintenance Manual instructions and Lee Aerospace offers the outer laminated assembly for sale, if you wish to replace yourself.  The complete window assembly will also be offered in Lee Aerospace’s overhauled/exchange program and are ready to install in your aircraft.

The Gulfstream Cabin Window Assembly

Part Number 1159CE20034-ALL GII, GIII, GIV, G300 & G400 Models

  • LA159SCCE103-017    Outer Pane
  • LA159SCCE103-003    Middle Pane
  • LA159SCCE103-011    Inner Pane
  • 1159CE20034-ALL   Window Assembly

Product Information/Brochure


Part Number 1159CE50001-ALL GV, G350, G450 & G550 Models

  • LA1159SCCE500-023   Outer Laminated Pane Assembly
  • 1159CE50001-ALL   Window Assembly 6th

Product Information/Brochure


Above and beyond supplying aftermarket parts, as a part of our aftermarket services, Lee Aerospace is an FAA Certified Repair Station.  Our team of Certified Repair Technicians, skilled in Aircraft Windshield and Cabin Window Repairs and Installations, are strategically located throughout the United States.  Providing 24hr AOG Services, world wide.

For more information on Lee Aerospace Aftermarket Windshields and Cabin Windows visit Lee Aerospace Website or call 1-316-636-9200 to speak with either Glenn Heil or Ely Luna in Aftermarket Sales.