Lee Aerospace is the Authority in Aircraft Windows

2016 – July 13th  〉 

Aircraft Window Authority

Who is the Authority in Aircraft Windows?  Lee Aerospace is the Aircraft Window Authority and the Visible Difference

WICHITA, Kan. (July 23, 2016) — Lee Aerospace Aftermarket Sales and Services.  Whether it is an inspection, repair, polish or requires replacement, Lee Aerospace is the aircraft window authority.  We all know that windows and windshields can be expensive when maintaining your aircraft.  As a window manufacturer for many of the OEMs, Lee Aerospace knows the more you understand about your windows, the better prepared you are to make the right decisions.  One of the valuable services provided, is window maintenance training.  Typically offered in conjunction with IA renewal seminars.  When attending one of the short one-hour seminars, explaining the typical design, construction and handling of windows, and teaching how to properly clean and inspect your aircraft windows.

Aircraft Window Authority

Windshields are often the largest area of non-reinforced structure in the aircraft.  Most windshields are constructed of multiple layers to withstand the extreme thermal, aerodynamic and mechanical stresses endured with the repetitive pressurization cycles.  Proper window inspection and maintenance is critical.

A few of the steps our technicians may utilize include:

  • Cleaning the window to prepare it for inspection
  • Using a bright light to inspect for defects.
  • Performing a prism inspection to check for cracks at the mounting holes.
  • Using ultrasound to determine if the window thickness is within OEM specifications.
  • Using an optical microscope to measure the depth of the damage and/or scratches on the surface to determine if the window is repairable.
  • Making the necessary repairs to the window and returning the aircraft to service.

Learning to care for your Aircraft Windshields and Aircraft Cabin Windows

All aircraft windows have a large range of performance expectations and sometimes complex construction.  Always follow the aircraft manufacturer’s instruction before you do anything to your windows; something as simple as improper cleaning can have undesirable results.  It is important to know what you are dealing with: Is the window externally coated with a chemical for abrasion resistance or chemicals to disperse water like an anti-fog coating or an anti-static?  Aircraft Window Authority

Take the opportunity to attend one of Lee Aerospace’s seminars; you will learn the various types of window construction, as well as the different materials.  Lee Aerospace always bring a variety of window samples and cross sections for “show and tell.”  You will see examples of various types of damage to look for and the proper inspection techniques.

Lee Aerospace Repair Technicians are FAA Certified and EASA Certified

Repair Technicians are highly trained and Lee Aerospace Certified Repair Station is approved to work on all makes and models.  So next time you find yourself in a position requiring maintenance, or need a pre-buy inspection, allow us to provide you a competitive quote.  Visit our website.  Learn about our Repair Station Technicians.  For more information about our Aftermarket Windows.  Contact our Sales team.


About Lee Aerospace

Lee Aerospace is Headquartered in Wichita and was founded in 1989 by owner and President Jim Lee.  Starting as a small production facility, building Cabin Windows for the Boeing 737/757, Lee Aerospace has grown through the years to include advanced aerospace transparency design as well as repair and installation, aerostructure assemblies and composite manufacturing programs, for some of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world.

Transparencies:  Offering turnkey solutions from concept through production.  Currently, the window OEM for major aircraft manufacturers such as Cessna, Beechcraft, Bombardier Learjet, Hawker, Honda and others.  Lee Aerospace holds Parts Manufacturing Approvals (PMA) for replacement windows; windows that meet or exceed the original aircraft manufacturer’s specifications.  Newest program includes the production of heated windshields.  Lee Aerospace sells replacements windows direct for the following models:  Beechcraft, Bombardier, Challenger, Cessna 441, Gulfstream, Falcon, Hawker, and Learjet

Services:  As the industry leader in transparencies, Lee Aerospace’s qualified and FAA certified technicians can inspect every aircraft window, and provide an expert, detailed evaluation on the condition windshield and windows.  Certified technicians can install new replacement windshields and windows on-site, using factory authorized equipment and adhering to OEM specifications.  Lee Aerospace has a Global presence and has technicians located throughout the United States, to respond quickly to customer needs; repairing, or installing windshields and cabin windows, to meet the schedule demands.

Aerostructures:  Lee Aerospace manufactures sheet metal assemblies for the most respected aircraft manufacturers in the industry.  As a certified and FAA approved facility, adhering to the most stringent quality control standards throughout the organization.  Its aerostructure facility is capable of building small bench top assemblies to large pressurized and non-pressurized fuselages, managing multiple programs with multiple production rates and customer requirements, delivering world-class quality.

Composites:  Lee Aerospace’s Composite Manufacturing program is housed in a 40,000 square foot facility.  Customers include:  Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Gulfstream, HondaJet, Learjet and others.  Its composite parts are manufactured using autoclave or oven cured prepreg or wet lay-up materials like carbon fiber, fiberglass, graphite, Kevlar and other aramid polymers.  The Composite Shop uses the latest technology and equipment for the production of composite parts and control of composite time and temperature sensitive material.