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Custom Boat Windows by Lee Aerospace

Custom Boat Windows by Lee Aerospace


Skater Boats

Many people are well aware that Lee Aerospace manufactures aircraft windows for most of the major aircraft manufacturers. But did you know that Lee Aerospace is also the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of boat windows for many of the high performance boat manufactures. Lee Aerospace is also the largest manufacturer of custom designed replacement windows for many of the world class high performance boats including Skater, Mystic, Doug Wright, Outer Limits and Boat Customs to name a few. To learn more about Lee Aerospace and our custom boat windows contact us at sales@leeaerospace.com or call us at 316-636-9200.


Repair Station Technician Locations

Repair Station Technician Locations

Lee Aerospace has technicians located throughout the United States. All of our technicians are FAA certified to provide you with a detailed inspection, a thorough repair, or a professionally installed windshield or window on your aircraft. We currently have technicians in California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina and Texas. Not in one of these locations? Our technicians will come to you! Having technicians in multiple locations allows us to reach our customers anywhere in the world. No matter where the aircraft is, our techs are never more than 24-hours away.

NEW Product Announcement – Falcon Landing Light Lenses

NEW Product Announcement – Falcon Landing Light Lenses

Falcon lensLee Aerospace is proud to announce that we have received FAA/PMA approval on the Landing Light Lenses for the Falcon 900 &2000. Our mobile repair team completed the first Lens installation this week in Texas. We have the lenses in stock and available as new outright or new exchange at very attractive introductory price.

P/N SPSF900-10-5-0   (L/H) &  SPSF900-9-5-0   (R/H)

For more information or a quote call 316-636-9200 or email us at sales@leeaerospace.com

Repair and Installation – Texas

Texas Expansion for Lee Aerospace 

Wichita, Kansas; March 10, 2015 – Lee Aerospace Aftermarket division is pleased to announce expansion into the Texas region. As part of this expansion, Lee Aerospace has added dedicated technician located in San Antonio, Texas ready to support customers in this area.

“We would like to welcome Robert Allen back to the aftermarket team. He brings with him 9 years of window maintenance and installation experience. Lee Aerospace is lucky to bring him on board as part of our Repair Station,” said Greg Piland, General Manager of the Repair Station.

As an experienced A&P mechanic and inspector in aircraft windows, Mr. Allen recently spent the last 4 years working with Cessna Citation Service Center. At Cessna he was able to gain valuable experience working with multiple Cessna airframes.

Mr. Allen was previously part of the Lee Aerospace (formerly Triumph Aerospace Systems – Wichita) team from 2005 until 2009. In his role as A&P technician, Mr. Allen will be serving the San Antonio and Texas market.

About Lee Aerospace Repair Station

The Lee Aerospace Repair Station specializes in the inspection, repairs, and installation of aircraft windshields and windows. The aftermarket team has locations throughout the United States, and is available to meet a customer’s aircraft at their location. The Repair Station operates under an FAA Repair Station YLIR863L / EASA 145.4630 certificate. Lee Aerospace Repair Station believes in providing quality maintenance and getting customer aircraft back into service with minimal downtime. www.leeaerospace.com/repairstation


AeroExpo 2015

This March not only will you find sandy beaches and warm weather in Mexico, you’ll also find members of our FAA approved Repair Station at the 12th annual AeroExpo.

For the month of March, our show schedule takes us to many places, including the mountainous region of Toluca, Mexico for the AeroExpo 12a Exposicion y Convención Internacional de Aviación. The AeroExpo will take place at the Toluca International Airport on March 18 – 20, 2015.

The Lee Aerospace booth will be staffed by Greg Piland and Ely Luna, General Manager and Chief Inspector of the Repair station, respectively. Both Greg and Ely will be available to discuss the available methods of aircraft window repair and aircraft window installation as well as answer any questions you may have. Lee Aerospace’s booth will be located at booth 92.

The AeroExpo has become the trademark of the aviation industry in Mexico; promoting and fostering the aviation business environment in Mexico. AeroExpo offers a place for industry professionals and businesses specializing in maintenance and repair, new aftermarket product and their customers to mingle during a three day event. This event is organized by Aero Events Mexicanos formed to promote the befitis of improved air safety conditions and training of aviation personnel in Mexico. Admission price for general entry is $200 Mexican pesos.

For more information on future events Lee Aerospace will be exhibiting at can be found on our calendar.

First State Chapter – PAMA

Have you ever wondered what the proper maintenance procedures are in maintaining your aircraft windshields and windows? A great place to get your questions answered will be he 13th annual First State Chapter – PAMA symposium. The symposium will be taking place Saturday, February 7, 2015 at the Deerfield Gold & Tennis Club, 507 Thompson Station Rd, Newark, DE 19711, and Lee Aerospace is exciting to be presenting Aircraft Window Maintenance and Inspection as part of the IA renewal. Greg Piland, General manager of the Repair Station, will start his presentation at 8 a.m. leaving time afterwards for any window maintenance questions you may have. As part of our commitment to continued training for aircraft maintenance professionals, Lee Aerospace is proud to present alongside industry leaders in educating maintenance professionals in their quest for their inspection authorization (IA) renewal.

PAMA (Professional Aviation Maintenance Association) promotes a high degree of professionalism among aviation maintenance personnel through communication, and education. You can find more information on PAMA here; for a list of upcoming shows Lee Aerospace will be attending, please click here.

Great Lakes Aviation Conference & Expo

Where can you find a place to attend seminars, have the opportunity to mingle with aviation professionals and experience and shop for the newest products ranging from avionics to pilot gear on the market? On January 23 and 24, that place is the Great Lakes Aviation Conference & Expo, located at the Lansing Center in Lansing, Michigan.

Lee Aerospace is located at booth #503. Join Greg Piland, Repair Station General Manager, and Kristian Cubberly, a Repair Station A&P Mechanic, to learn more about the aftermarket services that Lee Aerospace offers. They will be there from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

The Great Lakes Aviation Conference is available to the over 26,000 licensed pilots, maintenance technicians, IAs, FBOs, and students throughout the Midwest. For more information on GLIAC and the various conferences that are offered, please click here

Lee Aerospace GLIAC booth.
Lee Aerospace GLIAC booth.


IA Renewal – Atlanta

To kick off the 2015 show schedule, Lee Aerospace will be in College Park, GA at the Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Airport Millennium Center on January 16, 2015 as a participant in the AMTSociety’s IA Renewal Consortium.

The AMTSociety’s IA renewal program will cover such topics as deice boot maintenance, maintenance practices for mechanical systems, and feature FAA speakers. Lee Aerospace will be presenting Aircraft Window Inspection and Maintenance.

At Lee Aerospace we believe in continued training throughout your career. We are proud to partner with AMTSociety and provide training on proper window care and maintenance. The January 16, 2015 class will be held as the Hilton Garden Inn located at the Atlanta Airport Millennium Center. Registration begins at 7 a.m., seminar begins at 8 a.m. A Light breakfast and lunch will be provided.

The IA Renewal Training Program provides ongoing learning opportunities to a wide variety of maintenance professionals; whether you are a new student, experienced maintenance manager, or technician with an Inspection Authorization.
Friday’s training program meets the requirements contained in the FAR 65.93(a)(4) for Inspection Authorization (IA) renewal training.

To learn more about AMTSociety’s IA Renewal Training or to register for the Atlanta event, please click here.

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Training Course – IA Renewal Program

Lee Aerospace is committed to continued training, especially for aircraft maintenance professionals. Because of this belief, we are proud to participate in the AMTSociety’s IA (Inspection Authorization) renewal program..

On Friday December 5, 2014, Lee Aerospace will be presenting Window Inspection and Maintenance alongside industry leaders like Cirrus Aircraft, Bell Helicopter and Global Parts. The renewal program will cover topics such as Maintenance Practices for Mechanical Systems, deice boot maintenance and compression ignition engines.  Lee Aerospace’s program will focus on identifying various types of damage that can occur on aircraft transparencies, how to spot damage and proper maintenance. The December 5th class will be held at the Tulsa Tech Riverside Campus, 801 E 91st, Tulsa, OK 74132, auditorium A150. Registration begins at 7:00 am with sessions beginning at 8:00 am.

AMTS Logo_2013

AMTSociety was formed in 2005 to provide a community for those in the aircraft maintenance industry. Continual learning is a main component to aviation safety and AMTSociety strives to provide its members with benefits to aid in their personal and professional growth. Through educational seminars known as the Roadshow Consortium featuring live training seminars, AMTSociety provides ongoing learning opportunities which are accepted by the FAA for IA renewal training. For more information on the classes or AMTSociety follow the link.


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