Gulfstream G200 / G280 Cabin Window Upgrade

The Gulfstream G200 / G280 replacement windows from Lee Aerospace are an improved design that are produced with high quality craftsmanship.

The replacement aircraft transparencies listed below are available for the G200 and G280 variants.

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Gulfstream G200 windows

Gulfstream Window Installation

Lee Aerospace has an experienced team of FAA certified aircraft window technicians ready to assist with your Gulfstream window installation. Whether your Gulfstream is scheduled for repair or you’re grounded, our AOG window installation team is ready to move into action and get you back in the air.

Improved Design

Lee Aerospace FAA approved design incorporates clamp clips that extend the service life by preventing clam shell and delamination.  CoolView option is available that cuts 62.8% of the IR keeping the cabin cooler and preserving interior components.

Gulfstream Upgrade Replacement Windows

Parts below are available for the G200 / G280 models

  • Clear: LA4AS3420000-507
  • CoolView: LA4AS3420000-507-70
  • Replaces: 4AS3420000-503 (NP-178203-2), 4AS3420000-505 (NP-178203-3)

New Clamp Clips

New design includes clamp clips. Increase service life.

Prevent Clam Shell Damage