Piper PA-46 CoolView Replacement Windows

CoolView aircraft windows

Piper PA-46 Model Series CoolView replacement windows are designed with an advanced thin metallic composite barrier system specifically developed for acrylic transparencies. They are engineered for added comfort with cooler cabin temperatures, appearance, and the protection of your aircraft interior. These advanced windows keep your cabin cooler by blocking out harmful infrared rays.

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Piper PA-46 windows

Windshields Available for These Models:

PA-46-310P – Malibu / Malibu, PA-46-350P – Malibu Mirage / M350 PA-46R-350T – Malibu Matrix / Matrix, PA-46-500TP – Malibu Meridian /M500, PA-46-600TP, M600 / M600

FAA / STC Approved
Available for Immediate Delivery
High Quality, Cost Effective

Part Numbers:

Windshield Part Number

  • RH Windshield: LA82280C-006-70

Side Cockpit Windows Part Number

  • LH Side Cockpit Window: LA82282C-005-70
  • RH Side Cockpit Window: LA82282C-006-70

Cabin Windows Part Numbers

  • PAX 1 LH & RH Window: LA82399C-003-70
  • PAX 2 LH Window: LA82342C-005-70
  • PAX 2 RH Window: LA82342C-006-70
  • PAX 3 LH Window: LA82343C-005-70
  • PAX 3 RH Window: LA82343C-006-70