Dassault Falcon Landing Light Lens

Lee Aerospace is Proud to Announce Falcon Landing Light Lens FAA PMA Approval

Falcon Landing Light Lens

Falcon Landing Light Lens Product NumbersFalcon Landing Light Lens

  • SPSF900-10-5-0   Landing Light Lens   (L/H)
  • SPSF900-9-5-0     Landing Light Lens   (R/H)

We have Dassault Falcon Landing Light Lenses In-Stock and Available as New Outright or New Exchange at a very attractive introductory price.  For more detailed product information, please refer to our BROCHURE

Lee Aerospace Aftermarket Sales has Dassault Falcon Products Available

The Landing Light Lens for the Dassault Falcon 900 & 2000 is a wonderful addition to the Dassault Falcon aftermarket products Lee Aerospace already offers.

Lee Aerospace Dassault Falcon Products Include:

  • Falcon 20/50 Pilot Windshield   MY20.267.10.9
  • Falcon 20/50 Co-Pilot Windshield   MY20.268.10.9
  • Falcon 20/50 Sliding Window (Glass) L/H   MY20.264.10.5
  • Falcon 20/50 Non Sliding Window (Glass) R/H   MY20.263.10.6
  • Falcon 20 Aft Window (Glass) R/H   MY20.266.10.3
  • Falcon 50 Aft Window L/H   SPSF50.6.4.2
  • Falcon 50 Aft Window R/H   SPSF50.7.4.2
  • Falcon 900/2000 Landing Light Lens L/H   LASPSF900-10-5-0
  • Falcon 900/2000 Landing Light Lens R/H   LASPSF900-9-5-0
  • Falcon 900/2000 Sliding Window L/H   SPSF900-4-6-2
  • Falcon 900/2000 Window R/H   SPSF900-5-8-2
  • Falcon 900/2000 Aft Window L/H   SPSF900-6-9-3
  • Falcon 900/2000 Aft Window R/H   SPSF900-7-9-3
  • Falcon 900 Center Windshield   SPSF900-1-7-3
  • Falcon 900 Pilot Windshield   SPSF900-2-8-3
  • Falcon 900 Co-Pilot Windshield   SPSF900-3-8-3
  • Falcon 2000 Center Windshield   SPSF2M1-3-2
  • Falcon 2000 Pilot Windshield   SPSF2M2-2-2
  • Falcon 2000 Co-Pilot Windshield   SPSF2M3-2-2


FAA/EASA Repair Station – SERVICES

Falcon Landing Light Lens

Lee Aerospace Certified Repair Technician, Removes and Replaces a Falcon Landing Light Lens, in Texas

Operating a full service manufacturing and repair facility since 1989 in the heart of the U.S., Lee Aerospace is qualified to offer a fast turn-around on any job.

Our team of  Certified Window repairmen can inspect every window in your aircraft and provide you with an expert, detailed evaluation on the condition of your aircraft windows.

As the OEM for some of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, Lee Aerospace’s qualified team of FAA certified technicians can provide you with a detailed inspection, quick repair turn around, or accurately installed windshield or window.

Our mobile repair team completed the first lens installation recently in Texas and is available for installation on your Dassault Falcon 900 or 2000.

For more information about Dassault Falcon Landing Light Lenses or for a customized quote, call 316-636-9200 or email Lee Aerospace at sales@leeaerospace.com