Beechjet 400 Series CoolView Side Cockpit Windows

CoolView Replacement Windows

Ramp up your Beechjet comfort! The Beechjet 400, 400A and 400XP CoolView side cockpit transparencies are engineered to keep cabins cooler.

CoolView® is an advanced, permanent metallic barrier system for acrylic transparencies. Engineered for added comfort with cooler cabin & cockpit temperatures, pilot fatigue protection and the preservation of your aircraft interiors.

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Beechjet CoolView side cockpit windows

Beechjet 400A CoolView side cockpit windows

Available Beechjet CoolView Windshields and Side Cockpit Windows

  • Beechjet 400XP Windshields
  • Beechjet 400XP Side cockpit windows
  • Beechjet 400A Windshields
  • Beechjet 400A Side cockpit windows
  • Beechjet 400T Side cockpit windows

FAA Approved
Available for Immediate Delivery
High Quality, Cost Effective

CoolView Independent Testing Confirms

  • Cooler Cabin Temperatures
  • Reduces IR (62% or more)
  • Reduces Glare
  • Reduces Pilot Fatigue
  • Preserves Aircraft Interior

Infrared Reduction

-70 CoolView: 62.8%

*NIAR Vis/IR Transmittance Testing Report
No. ACL-RP-2017-004N/C dated 28 April 2017

Beechjet 400A CoolView side cockpit windows

“As a pilot, you notice the difference immediately upon entering the cockpit. The CoolView™ windows provide a significantly more comfortable environment from a temperature perspective. We also noticed the exceptional clarity of the new windows, both in flight and on the runway. If given a choice, I would pick the CoolView™ windows to fly with every time.”

Ethan Hauptman
Senior Operations Manager/Pilot, AirShare

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