Beechcraft 99 Replacement Windshields

Beechcraft models 99/99A/A99/A99A/B99/C99 replacement windshields from Lee Aerospace are produced with high-quality craftsmanship. Replacement aircraft transparencies are now available.

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Beechcraft Window Replacement

Parts are available for the 99/99A/A99/A99A/B99/C99 models

LH Windshield: LA50-420051-255, LA99-384047-1 (for C99)
Replaces: 50-420051-255, 99-384047-1

RH Windshield: LA50-420051-256, LA99-384047-2 (for C99)
Replaces: 50-420051-256, 99-384047-2

FAA / STC Approved
Available for Immediate Delivery
High Quality-Cost Effective

Beechcraft 99 windshield