Hawker 400XP / 400A Replacement Windows & Lenses

The Hawker 400XP / 400A replacement windows and lenses from Lee Aerospace are produced with high quality craftsmanship. All replacement aircraft transparencies listed below are available for the Hawker MU-300, 400, 400A and 400T series aircraft.

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Whether you need a replacement windshield, side cockpit window, cabin window, or new wing tip lens, Lee Aerospace has the high-quality parts you need to get back in the air.

Hawker Beechjet 400XP windows

Hawker 400XP / 400A Replacement Windows & Installation

Whether your Hawker 400XP / 400A is scheduled for maintenance or you find yourself unexpectedly grounded, we are here for your immediate support. Our AOG mobile aircraft window technicians can assess your situation, organize stocked parts from our facility and coordinate travel to your location.

As one of the first mobile response teams in the United States, we have years of experience in the removal and installation of Hawker 400XP / 400A windshields, cabin windows, side cockpit windows and wing tip lenses. Our mobile support team will install Hawker 400XP / 400A replacement windows, giving you the peace of mind that your installation will be completed accurately and efficiently.

Hawker 400XP / 400A Replacement Window Parts

Parts below are available for the Hawker MU-300, 400, 400A and 400T series aircraft.

Hawker 400XP / 400A Windshield and Cockpit Side Window Parts:

  • LA45AS31001-023 (LH)
    Replaces 45AS31001-023
  • LA45AS31001-023-70 (LH CoolView)
    Replaces 45AS31001-023
  • LA45AS31001-024 (RH)
    Replaces 45AS31001-024
  • LA45AS31001-024-70 (RH CoolView)
    Replaces 45AS31001-024
  • LA45AS31010-021 (LH)
    Replaces 45AS31010-021
  • LA45AS31010-021-70 (LH CoolView)
    Replaces 45AS31010-021
  • LA45AS31010-022 (RH)
    Replaces 45AS31010-022
  • LA45AS31010-022-70 (RH CoolView)
    Replaces 45AS31010-022

Hawker 400XP / 400A Cabin Window Parts:

  • LA45AS31003-019 (Outer Pane)
    Replaces 45AS31003-019
  • LA45AS31003-021 (Inner Pane)
    Replaces 45AS31003-021
  • LA8888-4300001 (Seal Only)
    Replaces 8888-4300001
  • LA45AS30701-611 (Assembly)
    Replaces 45AS30701-611

Hawker 400XP / 400A Wing Tip Lens Parts:

  • LA8888-170000-1 (LH)
    Replaces 8888-170000-1
  • LA8888-170000-2 (RH)
    Replaces 8888-170000-2

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Our mobile technicians meet all demands worldwide and ensure each aircraft window repair or installation are returned to service with an FAA 8130-3, maintenance transaction report, or logbook entry.

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