Gulfstream G150 Replacement Windows

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Gulfstream G150 windows

Gulfstream G150 Replacement Cabin Windows

Check for damage on your cabin windows
The mounting clips used to secure the window are inadvertently applying pressure on the window’s edge.

Lee Aerospace engineers and repair technicians were alerted to the problem and concluded the windows needed to be redesigned to ensure operational safety and quality.

NEW DESIGN! A bearing plate was designed into the window that now protects the edge of the acrylic surface from the mounting clips.

G200 clam shell damage

Damage caused by previous design

Gulfstream G150 Part Numbers

  • Clear:  LA25G3420000-501
  • Clear:  LA25G3420000-501E (emergency exit)
  • Coolview:  LA25G3420000-501-70
  • Coolview:  LA25G3420000-501E-70
  • Replaces:  25G3420000-501 (NP-12303-1)

Upgrade To CoolView

If you discover any of the damage mentioned, it is an excellent opportunity to upgrade to Lee Aerospace’s CoolView windows. CoolView enhances the appearance of your windows, keeps your cabin cooler, and reduces infrared rays by over 60 percent.
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