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Aviation Tail Cone Assembly

Lee Aerospace produces the aviation tail cone assembly for selection major aviation companies. Our airframe manufacturing processes incorporate the best practices of anti-corrosion applications and lightning protection where applicable. The tail cone sections have to meet stringent mandated load and flight characteristics as well as contain the components that perform many roles for different airframes. The aviation tail cone assembly often houses major components of various systems including; hydraulics, environmental, electrical distribution, flight controls, engine fire extinguishing and an externally serviceable toilet. A baggage compartment is also often located in the tail cone, where external access to both the equipment and the baggage area is necessary to allow maintenance through removable exterior panels, as well as baggage doors, that both need to meet high profile certification standards.

These aviation tail cone assembly structures are compliant in meeting the requirements of having to transfer energy through various load paths. There can also be backup structures designed as part of the metal airframe, where metal bonding techniques are used, in place of traditional assembly, to additionally lighten weight and durability as necessary. Weight can also be conserved in acceptable applications with parts made of composite materials.

Cessna CJ4 tail cone assembly

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