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CoolView Aircraft Windows

CoolView aircraft windowsWhy CoolView Aircraft Windows?

Independent testing has proven CoolView aircraft windows will block up to 62% of the IR (Infrared Ray) or heat coming through the window, resulting in a much cooler cabin. In addition, this CoolView window will block virtually all of the UVs (Ultraviolet Rays). This process is internal, within the aircraft window construction. It is not a process or external coating that will wear off or ever need to be reapplied.

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Along with a much cooler aircraft cabin, CoolView will provide a safer environment for your health conscience pilots and passengers.

CoolView is an advanced thin metallic composite barrier system for aircraft transparencies. Engineered for added comfort with cooler cabin temperatures, appearance and the protection of your aircraft interior.

CoolView Independent Testing Confirms:

  • Cooler Cabin Temperatures
  • Reduces IR (up to 62.8%)
  • Reduces UV (up to 99%)
  • Reduces Pilot Fatigue
  • Preserves Aircraft Interior

Infrared Reduction

-70 CoolView: 62.8%

*NIAR UV/Vis/IR Transmittance Testing Report
No. ACL-RP-2017-004N/C dated 28 April 2017

FAA / PMA Approved
Available for Immediate Delivery
High Quality-Low Cost

Now Available For These Aircraft

Beechcraft King Air
Hawker 125 Series

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